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Minimum order of 4 bars for $34, mix and match. Each additional bar is $7.50.
Shipping.  $7.75 to ship up to 8 bars to each address in California.
$9.25 shipping for each address outside California. For larger orders please contact me. Sorry, no international orders.

Order by email: Send the list of soaps you want to  I can bill you through Paypal even if you do not have a Paypal account.
Order by mail: Print this order form. Mail to Carol Lightwood, Pasadena Soaps, 535 S. Los Robles Ave, #4, Pasadena CA 91101. 


Street Address_____________________________________________________________________________

City______________________________________________________________State________ Zip_________

Email__________________________________________ Telephone_________________________________

Quantity        Item
_________ Amaretto
_________ Cascade Rain 
_________ Cedar Forest 
_________ Champagne
_________ Coconut Vanilla
_________ Gardenia 
_________ Lavender Eucalyptus
_________ Lilac
_________ Mountain Sage
_________ Pikaki
_________ Pineapple
_________ Rose Petals
_________ Rosemary Mint
_________ Spearmint Eucalyptus
_________ Tuberose Luxe

_________ Vanilla Bean
_________ White Tea Ginger

Total soap order amount                                        

Shipping.  $7.75 for up to 8 bars of soap shipped to each address in California.
$9.25 shipping for each address outside California. Contact me for larger orders. No international orders.
Total enclosed   (Please make check payable to Carol Lightwood.)



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